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Thread: Hirobo Jet Ranger Helicopter

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    SOLD - Hirobo Jet Ranger Helicopter

    My Location: Ottawa, ON
    Model Number: Jet Ranger
    New or Used: Item is used but excellent condition.
    Manufacture: Hirobo
    Asking Price: $500


    Selling a vintage and likely rare Hirobo Jet Ranger helicopter. I believe the mechanical parts are the Shuttle line but from what I have learned, the Jet Ranger option came in the later years or production. The fuselage is fibreglass and all the mechanical parts spin extremely free no binding and the belt to the tail rotor is also free and smooth running.

    This helicopter includes the OS Max 30 size glow motor (cannot see the exact size) with remote glow and the pull starter, all Futaba servos, Futaba FM receiver, Futaba Gyro and onboard battery. Everything seems to be in excellent working order, but the onboard battery is likely past its best before date.
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