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Thread: Goldberg Tiger 60 ARF w OS .61 FX

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    CLOSED - Goldberg Tiger 60 ARF w OS .61 FX

    My Location: Ottawa, ON
    Model Number: Tiger 60 ARF
    New or Used: See Description Below
    Manufacture: Carl Goldb
    Asking Price: $399.99

    >> CLOSED << No interest so closing this thread and keeping the Tiger 2 to fly again this season.

    Selling my Carl Goldberg Tiger 60 ARF radio controlled model airplane. Comes complete with an OS Max FX .61 motor, APC prop, Airtronics 94102 servos inside fuselage for throttle, elevator and rudder, two JR servos inside each wing panel for ailerons, fuel tank, landing gear with wheels. Add your radio and go fly.
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