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Thread: Hangar 9 P-51 Mustang ARF (HAN4770)

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    **SOLD**Hangar 9 P-51 Mustang ARF (HAN4770)

    My Location: Edmonton
    Model Number: HAN4770
    New or Used: Item is new, unused
    Manufacture: Hangar 9
    Asking Price: $2200

    I bought this plane on whim and have since changed my mind and am looking at selling it.

    It comes complete with everything you require to assemble it, Evolution 62cc engine, Rx, smoke system, lights, it is all here. I paid just over $5000 for all of it and would like to get $2200 for all of it. Due to the fact I no longer have the boxes from the air frame I prefer not to have to worry about shipping, so local sale would be better.

    Here is list with what I paid at the time.

    HAN477020 Painted Spinner $299.99
    WarBirds Pilot $200
    SPMAR9110 RX $275.99
    SPMB2200LFRX Battery(2) $44.99
    SPMEXEC324 EC3 Extension(2) $18.99
    SPMSA6180 Servo $42.99
    SPMSA6150 Servo (3) $52.99
    SPMSA5060 Servo (2) $82.99
    SPMSA6220 Servo (2) $117.99
    SPMSA6110 Servo $29.99
    SPMSA7040 Retract Servo (2) $51.99
    JRPA215 Servo Arm (2) $3.49
    HAN9154 Servo Arm (2) $11.99
    SPMA3000 Servo Ext (4) $7.99
    SPMA3001 Servo Ext (8) $7.99
    HAN3615 Clevis Horn $12.99
    SPMA3004 Servo Ext (2) $8.99
    SPMA3005 Servo Ext(2) $9.99
    SPMA3006 Servo Ext(2) $11.99
    EVOE62GX Gas Engine $699.99
    EVOM6 Pipe $123.99
    PMB1450LFRX Battery $33.99
    EVOA112 Ign/RX Switch $11.99
    HAN116 Filler T $8.99
    EVOA103 Fuel Line $32.99
    HAN477018 Mustang Wheels (2) $129.99
    EFLG700 Main Retracts $659.99
    EFLG750 Tail Retract $137.99
    EVOA122 Prop Drill Guide $24.99
    EVOA100 Optical Kill Switch $26.99
    HAN4770 P-51 Mustang ARF Kit $1099.99
    PJA22X8 Prop $37.99
    PJA24X10 Prop $44.99
    SUL753 Smoke Writer $129.99

    $5200 +GST retail
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