Hey Members,

Happy New Year!!!

You'll probably notice a few changes to the forum. This post will attempt to explain the changes and why they were made.

First off, we want to thank all the members for participating on RCCanucks over the past year(or so). It is amazing to see how far it has come in a relatively short period of time.

We have made some changes in order to try to keep RCCanucks operating. Up until this point, RCCanucks has been entirely free. Members and Vendors(advertisers) have not been charged for anything on RCCanucks. Unfortunately, RCCanucks cannot continue to operate this way. RCCanucks needs some cash to keep the lights on and pay the bills.
Several months ago, RCCanucks was forced to move to a new hosting provider in order to continue. This resulted in much higher operating costs. And these costs will increase as RCCanucks grows. In order to offset these costs, RCCanucks must generate some cash on a semi regular basis. So we have come up with a couple of ways to (hopefully) generate this money.

1) Vendor Advertising: This is obvious and pretty standard for an online forum. Starting February 1st, 2016, we will start charging Vendors(advertisers) for advertising. We already have a couple of commitments, but we really need more. We hope to get more over the next month. We also don't want to increase the number of ads on the forum (like some other forums), but if we can't get the revenue we need, we may have to.

2) E-Badges: You will notice a new link at the top on the main menu called "Store". This will take you to the new RCCanucks Store. E-Badges are now on sale. There are several to choose from.

These are available for sale and when you buy them they will appear in your profile and on your posts. There are several different kinds of E-Badges. If you have posted at least once before today - you automatically earned a "1st Year Badge" indicating that you are one on the first to participate on RCCanucks (This E-Badge cannot be purchased).

Some E-Badges are "Supporter" Badges indicating that you have directly supported the site (Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc) for the current year.

Some E-Badges are "Interest" Badges indicating that you like a specific aspect of the hobby: IMAC, 3D Flying, Warbirds, etc.

Some E-Badges are "Affiliation" Badges: Eastern Mafia, Western Cartel

Some E-Badges are badges of honour: Wingman, Smoking Crater

Check out this link to read about all the E-Badges and how you can buy them: http://rccanucks.com/portal.php?pageid=ebadges

Keep in mind, you can also buy E-Badges for other users.

New E-Badges will be added in the future.

We hope that the by offering E-Badges we can avoid changing the website with more advertising and placing user limitations (post limits, PM Box limits, forums that require a paid subscriptions, etc) and have some fun.

RCCanucks, needs financial support to survive, so please buy an E-Badge to support us!

Ways you can help RCCanucks:

1) Buy an E-Badge
2) POST and start new threads. On whatever interests you in this hobby.
3) Buy from the vendors that support this site!
4) If you deal with a vendor that doesn't advertise here, tell them to advertise here!
5) Tell your friends and fellow club members to join here

If you have an questions or comments, please contact us