If you are using the Buy & Sell section here on RCCanucks, please not that we have some mandatory posting rules. They are as follows:

1) Your location must either be in you profile (click to update your profile) or in your classifieds post.
-- Your name is also mandatory.

2) A price is a must. The term 'Best offer' will not cut it. You can put $1 or BO though. (but expect to sell for that $1 if it comes in).

3) Links to your ads on kijiji, craigslist or ebay are forbidden. Either post in full here on RCCanucks or don't post it for sale.

4) Post in the correct section or we will move/delete it.

5) Don't post the same ad in multiple sections. Pick 1 section, use it.

6) Etiquette is important on RCCanucks. Please use the feedback system and close threads when the item is sold. Sold threads cannot be reopened.
** the staff will generally not get involved with feedback abuse. we are all adults. play nice

All moderators and admins reserve the right to terminate all ads without notice. This means deleted and gone

**** Feedback. Feedback should only be applied when a deal has been completed. Examples:

When NOT to use the feedback;
1 - Oh the buyer / seller stopped returning my PMs emails,
2 - The buyer / seller called me a name,
3 - The buyer / seller didnt call me back on the day I was to buy the item,
4 - Buyer/ Seller seems like a jerk,
5 - Buyer / Seller backed out after agreeing to buy / sell the item.

When to use the Feedback;
1 - Seller said it was a plane, he sent me a box of rocks,
2 - Buyer / Seller through pm / email said to meet today at 1pm at the mall. They never showed up and no call,
3 - Seller paid by paypal but did a charge back after the item was received.